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Wolfgang Marguerre Chairman & CEO, Octapharma Group

Octapharma reports another record-breaking year for 2017 with revenues in excess of 1.7 billion Euro and operating profit similar to recent years.

These results were made possible by a good performance across our three therapy areas, with particularly strong contributions from octanate®, octanine®F, octaplex® and Nuwiq®.

Our commitment to discovering innovative solutions to treat rare diseases is evidenced by the exciting milestones we have reached. Our newly developed Fibrinogen concentrate, fibryga®, represents an important addition to our bleeding-management portfolio. We received regulatory approval in the USA, Canada and the EU. Two important clinical studies are ongoing to expand the indication of fibryga® to include acquired fibrinogen deficiencies.

Our human cell line recombinant Factor VIII, Nuwiq®, has been shown to address the most serious issue facing haemophilia A patients, inhibitor development. The interim data from the NuProtect study was published in the journal Haemophilia, demonstrating a rate of only 12.8% of high-titre clinically relevant inhibitors in previously untreated patients (PUPs).

The year 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of Octapharma and today I am happy to lead such a successful global family business.

Following completion of the clinical programme in primary immune deficiency patients, our new subcutaneous immunoglobulin, cutaquig®, has been submitted for registration in the USA, Canada and the EU.

Plasma collection is the foundation of our business. As we rely on this scarce raw material from our plasma donors, we have the obligation to ensure we are utilising every drop optimally. We continued the significant investments of recent years into expanding our fleet of plasma collection centres to secure the volume of plasma required to meet the growing demand for plasma-derived products. We also successfully in-sourced plasma testing to our new state-of-the-art US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved laboratory, and received FDA approval for our new plasma storage warehouse.





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Frederic Marguerre, Shareholders’ Representative President, Octapharma Plasma Inc. USA

Wolfgang Marguerre, Chairman & CEO, Octapharma Group

Tobias Marguerre, Managing Director, Octapharma Nordic AB

In collaboration with the humanitarian programme Project SHARE, Octapharma donated 30.5 million international units of Nuwiq® for distribution in 16 countries where these medicines are scarce or still unavailable.

I am excited about our partnership with the inspirational haemophilia patient Chris Bombardier who, with the support of grants from Octapharma, became the first person with haemophilia to summit Mount Everest in Nepal and Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Chris has now completed his quest of climbing the highest mountains on each of the seven continents of the world.

Octapharma now employs almost 8,000 people, each of whom play their individual role in changing and improving the lives of millions of patients in 113 countries. The theme of annual report 2017 is the relationship from donor to patient with a focus on the people who make it possible. This report, and the 16 new films, offer a glimpse of what is involved in creating plasma derived medicines. Follow a 24 hour tour through Octapharma and meet the father Zoran, one of our plasma donors, with his son, Simon, who relies on gammanorm® to live a normal life.

Let me conclude my 2017 review with the promise that our five company values Ownership, Integrity, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship remain the foundation of all of our decisions and behaviour every day to support our vision of providing new health solutions advancing human life.

Wolfgang Marguerre
Chairman & CEO, Octapharma Group