From donor to patient

Around the clock, around the world, our employees play their part in changing and saving the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

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1. Donor

Donating plasma to save lives – including my son’s

Zoran, Berlin
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1. Donor

Saving lives starts with our donors

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1. Donor

Ensuring safety and suitability of donors and quality and traceability of plasma

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Preclinical R&D

Research that helps people

See Barbara's story
2. Single donation control

Controlling the plasma which enters production

See Annabelle's story
3. Quality

Detecting viruses early by targeting DNA and RNA

See Elisabet's story
3. Quality

Performing analytical methods to test quality

See Bernhard's story
3. Quality

Documenting the complete history of every production batch

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Around-the-clock production of virus-inactivated pooled plasma

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Temperature control

Maintaining the cold chain

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4. Fractionation

Separating plasma proteins

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4. Fractionation

Getting the right material to production at the right time

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Operations support

Validating cleaning methods used for production equipment

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Recombinant technology

Cultivating Factor VIII from a human cell line

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5. Purification

Purifying products during the night shift

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6. Filling/finish

Investing to increase capacity and automation

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6. Filling/finish

Preserving human proteins by freeze-drying

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7. Visual inspection

Inspecting finished products with intense concentration

See Roza's story
Clinical R&D

Bringing new optimal therapies to patients in need

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8. Patient

Donors, like my father, strengthen my body’s defences

Simon, Berlin
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